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C6 Corvette VR-SC1 Vararam Intake System LS2 V8 2005-07 [31108000]

Our Price: $359.95
C6 Corvette VR-SC1 Vararam Intake System LS2 V8 2005-07
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VR-SC1: for 2005-2007 Coupe/Convertible LS2 V8

After a full year of R&D, the all new C-6 Snake charmer ram air induction kit is finally ready for the street. The Snake Charmer is designed after heavy development of the original C5 B2 unit. We used information gathered from 12 special B2 Race units that we constructed for racing only which featured many different internal aerodynamic packages and filter combinations to maximize peak CFM and time to peak manifold pressure. We have emphasized to customers and racing teams that it is not just peak pressure, but the time to peak manifold pressure that we look at, and this occurs at shift recovery, down in the meat of the power curve. This helps for powering off of corners, general driveability and overall peak performance. It shows up in the form of torque -- lots of it. Like all VR units the Snake Charmer was not designed for the dyno (pulling air), it was designed for ramming air during actual street use. The aero package and shape of the unit are designed around this. The philosophy is simple: design for the most efficient aero package possible at all speeds ranging from 10 mph to 180 mph.

Changes to the Front Air Scoop (now standard for all C6 kits):

  • Floor was raised 1/4 inch - decreased plenum volume for increased velocity into the filter
  • Air inlet venturi raised 1/4 inch volume for large cubic inch capacity engines
  • Increased flange area for improved scoop to airbox fit

    The unit is packed in form fitted foam and shipped in a double wall box to insure it arrives in the same excellent condition as it leaves our facility.

    The Filter

    Our filter was custom designed in-house and manufactured by a subcontractor for Donaldson. It is pleated, washable, and reusable, but that is where similarities to other filters end. This filter features deeper pleats and more pleats per inch than other filters, and the peaks and valleys have been opened to further increase flow capacity per square inch. The result is a very compact, high flow filter that will out flow K&N filters of similar dimension by over 30% while actually giving better air filtration It has more filter area that is effective area and not dead space. The original Snake Charmer was designed by hand but has now been verified by fluid dynamic software. The flow is so well balanced into the MAF that at full speed (180 mph and over), the airflow is within 1 mph across the entire circumference of the entrance leading into the air meter. Even the factory tube can not claim such performance. NOTE:: Rain water will not affect this unit, nor will downpours; you will have to submerse the nose of the car to experience any trouble.

    Performance Guarantee

    Talk is great, but Show much power will you get? Sitting on a dyno without using any special programming you should expect 10-15hp from any cold air kit, but once moving the Snake Charmer will put all the lost MAP pressure back into the plenum yielding another 17hp @ 60mph and 19-20hp @ 90-100mph. In total, you can expect 32-37 rear wheel horsepower. Translated into real road performance:

  • 3.5 - 4 tenths off the standing mile time
  • 3.5 - 4 mph faster trap speeds
  • 7-10 mph higher on top speed
  • C6 Corvette VR-SC1 Vararam Intake System LS2 V8 2005-07
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    This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 16 October, 2007.

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