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Stand Alone Harness/ECM Package for the LS2/LS7 58X engines [LS-58X]

Our Price: $1,994.95
Stand Alone Harness/ECM Package for the LS2/LS7 58X engines
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Finally! We've been working on this ever since the LS7 crate engine was released, and now we have a full running package available for those people swapping this engine into kit cars, street rods, muscle cars, race cars, off-road vehicles, etc.

This setup will work on the LS2 and LS7 engines with the 58X reluctor wheel (gray crank sensor), and features our custom formed wiring harness available in any length you need for your project. The harness is designed for use with the factory 90mm ETC throttle body. Each harness/ECM package will come with the usual Speartech features including: fuse block, fuel pump relay, check engine light, OBD-2 diagnostic connector, and has easy to hook up wires for battery, ignition switch and electric fuel pump. Wires are also brought out and labeled for tach and speedometer use.

Our package makes use of the production GM ECM (E38) designed for this engine; no boat computers or expensive aftermarket race ECUs. This setup allows the engine to run as designed and allows for normal GM diagnostics and data monitoring using a Tech 2 or any aftermarket scan tool capable of communicating with the newer GM engines. This is a full closed loop setup designed mainly for non-emissions use. Purge canister control and rear oxygen sensors can be optionally added for emissions compliance in many areas.

Like most of our wiring harnesses, these harnesses are custom made per individual application so there is no on the shelf boxed harness ready to ship.

Initial packages are available for manual transmission or non-electronic automatic applications, with the electronic automatics following close behind!

The package includes the following:

A new custom length, stand-alone LS2/LS7 wiring harness. The harness includes a check engine light, diagnostic connector, fuel pump relay, fuse block, and labeled wires for easy hookup to the battery, ignition switch, and fuel pump. Wires are also included for tach, speed, and A/C functions where applicable. These custom stand alone harnesses are built for full function, closed loop control, and designed for non-emissions use (no post-cat O2's, purge canister, or fuel tank evap interface). Our harnesses can be built to your desired length specifications.

The package comes with the 2006 Corvette LS2/7 ECM (E38) fully programmed for your application including: VATS (vehicle anti-theft system) removal, emissions equipment removal (whatever you dont need or are not using on your swap such as: catalytic converters, rear O2 sensors, fuel tank pressure, EVAP), torque management removal, etc.

The reprogramming lets your new engine run properly without the 'check engine' light being on unless there is a problem with the engine that needs to be addressed.

Since the LS2/7 is an Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) engine, the electronic pedal is also included in the package.

As with all Speartech packages our systems can be serviced with any late model diagnostic equipment designed for GM vehicles.

Options available:

Extra length (beyond 5): $50.00

Emissions package (wiring for rear O2 sensors and charcoal canister control): $50.00

Sensor package (includes correct front O2 sensors and MAF sensor for one-stop shopping): $300.00

Stand Alone Harness/ECM Package for the LS2/LS7 58X engines
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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 17 February, 2011.

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